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hello danny/david lovers!

i guess it hasn't been too active in here as of late, which is a shame, because danny/david is adorable and there should be more.

a REALLY GREAT EXCUSE to post danny/david would be to sign up for the David Archuleta Post-A-Day Fest!

if the idea has appeal

sign up here!

thank you! it should be fun.
Can I just say that I love you for including this comm in your rounds? :D
bwah. i'm getting kind of dizzy at how many comms there are to spam! and sort of afraid everyone is gonna hate me, meep!

one comm i did NOT post to - nickleta. only because i think no one's posted there at all.
Ahahahaha that comm spawned from a crazy conversation in chat, which is why I'm in it. XDD
hee! the craziest shit happens whilst chatting.

so i think i've hit all the comms i'd like to, and now i would like to ask a favor! if i may?

could you pimp this in your own lj? i think you've got more david fans on your flist than i've got on mine! i'd appreciate it! ::bats eyes::