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Title: The Seduction of David Archuleta Epilogue
Fandoms: American Idol Season 7
Pairings: Danny Noriega/David Archuleta
Ratings: PG
Summary: Long distance relationships can be hard (but David and Danny will make it happen).
Disclaimer: I don't own them (but I wish I did).
Notes: Um, I have no idea why I didn't post this ages ago, because it's been done for ages. Oops. Well it's nice that this is finally completely finished :D. Thanks to all my lovely readers. Double thanks to all the people who took the time to comment. And triple thanks to Cassie (tinkertoo) and Kitty (hatemetoday_xx/wakingnitemarex) for being awesome <3. The epilogue is dedicated to them too!
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 16

It's Tuesday night of Dolly Parton week, and David is lying on his bed, talking to Danny on the phone. By now, it's a nightly routine.

"Ohmygod, you were fantastic tonight, David. I loved Smoky Mountain Memories. It's totally stuck in my head. It was awesome!"

"Thanks Danny."

"So, guess what!"


"I..." He pauses for dramatic effect. "Have a present for you!"

"A present? Really?"

"Mmhmm. I hope you like it. It's being delivered by a trustworthy person right now."

"I'm sure I'll love it." He pauses. "What trustworthy person?"

"You'll see."

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"It's here!" David nearly falls off the bed in his excitement to get to the door. He loves surprises. He flings the door open, not knowing what to expect. Nevertheless, he's still shocked when he sees none other than Danny leaning against the door frame, phone in hand. He's smirking at the surprised look on David's face. Surprise that soon gives way to elation.


Then David's arms are wrapped around Danny tightly and his head is tucked against Danny's chest. His leather jacket-clad chest, he notices a moment later.

"Hey, Archuleta." Danny's words are casual, but his voice displays his own excitement to see David. It has, after all, been three weeks since they've seen each other in person. David pulls away, beaming, and looks Danny up and down as if trying to memorize him. His gaze falls a moment later on the duffel bag lying at Danny's feet.

"Are you staying the night?" David's voice is hopeful and excited, and Danny grins at him.

"If it's okay with you." David just smiles back in response, before picking up the bag and pulling Danny into the room. He deposits the bag on the table neatly, then turns around to look at Danny, who is still standing by the now-closed door. He takes a moment to appreciate the leather jacket he's wearing. David doesn't think he could pull it off, but it looks fantastic on Danny. Finally, he draws his eyes back to Danny's, which are looking at him with some smoldering emotion in them which David can't quite discern.

"Come here." Danny's voice is low, and commanding, and David doesn't even consider disobeying. He walks forward until he's directly in front of Danny, looking up to maintain their eye contact. Then Danny wraps him in his arms tightly, and whispers in his ear,

"I missed you David. I missed this." He squeezes David gently. David swallows against the lump that's suddenly arisen in his throat, and he clutches Danny back.

"I... I missed you too."

They stay like that, tightly grasping one another, for several minutes. Then, finally, Danny pulls away to run his hand delicately along the side of David's face. He looks at David as if he's the most enrapturing thing that he's ever seen, and David feels himself blushing under the close scrutiny.

Tell him now. The voice calls unbidden from somewhere in his head. Tell Danny now.

David takes a deep, shuddering breath and looks up at Danny. He opens his mouth. Danny watches him expectantly.

"Danny, I..." But he can't say any more, and he buries his face in Danny's chest. Bewildered, Danny strokes his hair softly.

"What is it, David?" David looks back up at Danny and tries again, but this time he can't even get any words out. He buries his face in Danny's chest again.

Well then, he just won't look at Danny while he says it. It'll be easier.

"I..." Deep breath. "I love you."

His voice is quiet and muffled by Danny's jacket, but the words echo loudly in Danny's ears.

I love you.

Whatever he had been in expecting, it certainly hadn't been that.

"David..." he says in a slightly strangled voice, but David still won't look at him. Gently, he reaches down and tilts David's chin up so that he can look at his face. In his eyes, he sees nothing but sincerity, a little bit of trepidation, and... love. Overwhelmed, he leans down and crushes his mouth against David's. His arms wrap tightly around the smaller boy as he kisses him thoroughly. David, for his part, kisses him back as he clutches at Danny's jacket. Then, Danny pulls away and once again clutches David to himself, even tighter if possible. He lays his head on David's and says softly,

"I love you too. So much."

So ends the seduction of David Archuleta.

A/N: I don't know how happy I am with that ending, but... oh well. Comments are <3!
:O Whoa. I mean, seriously, just WHOA. Not long, and no plot twists but TOUCHING as hell. CUTE. Great ending to a great fic. :)
Thanks so much! :)
Uh, sorry, hi. I got here through idolslash at first, and, well, read the whole thing. LOVE. I love good-old-fashioned, angsty, adorable, perfectly written slash like this. I adore how perfectly paced this fic is, never giving anything away at the beginning. And then how David isn't automatically crushing on Danny -- it's just a friendship thing at first, and the feelings are all platonic. I enjoy how you didn't make either of them too stereotypical; they feel like actual people, and much more like their Idol personas. And you've got a great gift for imagery, especially when it comes to sensory stuff -- the physical contact was immaculately described (along with everything else, of course, but that really stuck out to me).

Really beautiful, really satisfying fic. I love this pairing! And, maybe it's just me who can't remember, but were they actually roommates? I tried to hunt down clips on YouTube, but couldn't find anything.

Say, have you been watching season 10? 'Cause I've been writing some fic about a season 10 contestant and Danny Noriega...SHAMELESS PIMP, I KNOW, but maybe you'd want to find out? If not, disregard this. Still a wonderful fic :)
Man, I have to say, of all the fics I've written, I least expected to get a comment on this one! And such a sweet one, too! Thank you so much! I am really glad you enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure they weren't roommates. Idk who Danny roomed with, but David was with Chikezie.

I haven't been watching season 10 :(. This semester's been so crazy at school that I haven't had a chance, although seeing updates on my flist is driving me insane. I've promised myself that I'm going to catch up this summer, though, so I'll definitely look at your fic then! The world is lacking in Danny fic :)

Thanks again!